“Dead Ops 2” included with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Dead OpsWe’re all just about ready for Codmas and Treyarch are gearing up for the launch of the eagerly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. However the surprises haven’t stopped yet and with just two days until the official launch of the game, another hidden gem has broken through the surface. You may remember “Dead Ops” from the last game in the Black Ops series, well it looks like it’ll be getting a sequel.

Dead Ops was an Arcade, twin stick style mini-game hidden within the menu’s of the original Call of Duty Black Ops, players unlocked the mini-game through first breaking out of the chair you’re strapped into during the menu sequence. For the sake of keeping things a secret however, we’ll just leave it there, besides in the spirit of Black Ops series, if we told you, we’d have to kill you… Then tea-bag you. Dead Ops

Although to be fair, it’s not exactly fair to call Dead Ops a mini-game as the whole play through was incredibly well thought out and in some aspects, more fun that the actual Black Ops game itself. That’s of course subjective, but it looks as though the sequel is going to follow in the original’s footsteps. Activision have really been pushing the fact that Black Ops 3 effectively consists of three games in one, but with the addition of “Dead Ops 2: Cyber’s Revengening” it’s really more like four, and if you’ve ever played the original with three other friends, you’ll also know that it’s really good fun. Several videos have appeared online only to be taken down several hours later, there are some that have yet to be discovered but we’ll leave the decision of whether or not you want to view them up to you.

According to reports the game consists of multiple levels, classic game inspired retro style levels and cut-scenes as well as tonnes of power ups, leading us to believe that a good amount of effort has gone into creating Dead Ops 2. Obviously we’ll only really know when we’ve had chance to play, but it’s always good to hear positive experiences before a game launches, the question remains however, will you be answering the Call of Duty?

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