Dead Island Retro Revenge looks like a 90s nostalgia trip

dead island retro revengeWhen Deep Silver announced that a bundled remaster of Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide were lunging over to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, one of its listed features was something called ‘Dead Island Retro Revenge’. It turns out that it’s a 16 bit side-scrolling brawler.

Yes, inspired by such classics as Streets of Rage and Final Fight, Dead Island Retro Revenge is a side-scrolling beat ’em up which sees you playing as a guy who’s trying to rescue his cat. Just because. The game features combos, bosses and challenges, as well as a Jack Black wannabe hogging the screen in front of the gameplay demo.

Dead Island Retro Revenge will be available as part of the Dead Island Definitive Collection which will set you back about 20 quid. You can buy it standalone though as a digital download for $4.99 when it releases on August 1st.

What do you think? Does it look a bit silly? Does it seem like it would feature a 2 player co-op mode?

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