David Jaffe Despises “Insiders” who Ruin E3

David JaffeVeteran Game Designer and Developer David Jaffe, well known for his work on God of War and Twisted Metal, and currently working on Drawn to Death, has come out swinging at industry “insiders” who leak info on games prior to E3.

Jaffe wrote his rant on Twitter, saying it is the “height of arrogance and asshole behavior” that such people will happily ruin the work many people have spent “months” setting up to surprise fans. In no way does he blame the fans for wanting to know the info, nor gaming news websites for running it, but the insiders themselves who provide the leaks.

“To all those ‘insiders’ w/E3 secrets who are unable to keep their mouths shut: wow, you are so insidery that you have some info,” Said Jaffe. “So what.”


“I find it the height of arrogance and asshole behavior that such ‘insiders’ are totally fine ruining surprises that many have spent MONTHS trying to set up for the fans of games. So fucking lame.”

David Jaffe went on to say that nobody who actually worked on the game would want to share this info, who naturally want everyone surprised and excited when the official announcement comes, especially on the biggest stage of them all at E3.

“No ACTUAL game making insiders would do such a thing. Ugh, makes me ill.”

in response to another message saying that fans get hugely excited for this info, Jaffe said:

“I get why fans want the info. I get why sites run the info. I don’t get-and I despise- ‘insiders’ who share the info.”

While we love to get such info as it is great for conversation and to speculate on, it is hard not to see where Jaffe is coming from and agree with him. Developers spend years working on the games we love, and want to make their reveal as big a deal as possible, but a lot of that surprise and excitement is gone when we are already expecting it.

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[Source: David Jaffe Twitter]

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