Dark Storm: Ascension – sci fi stealth action with female lead

dark storm ascensionFenrir Studios are looking for your help in bringing their project to life on Kickstarter, a new sci-fi action stealth title called Dark Storm: Ascension. Inspired by the Metal Gear Solid and Deus Ex series, Dark Storm was initially conceived as a first person shooter, before the studio decided to focus on a stealth action approach, which then lead to the inclusion of third person.

By the year 2034, the world is on the brink of a Third World War as the United States and the Russian Federation is locked in a new Cold War. However, unlike the old era rivalry fought between two competing ideologies (Democracy and Communism), this new Cold War is one being waged over energy.

With natural resources almost all but extinguished, with fewer than fifty years of oil left in reserve, the world powers have begun to explore alternative means to fuel the next century; to fail would mean the end of civilization as we know it. The leading hope is that Dark Matter might prove to be the golden ticket, as it has the possibility to bring about a new era for mankind, and solving the growing energy concerns that are fracturing the world. But who will crack the Dark Matter formula first?

Leading the way is in Dark Matter research, is Irving Dynamics, the world’s most powerful corporation and pioneer in advanced science and applications. On the eve before a breakthrough, their base in Alaska was attacked and ceased by Russian forces, who killed all in their way.

dark storm ascension conceptThat’s where Amber Kingsley, the star of Dark Storm: Ascension, played by you, steps in. Amber is a skilled, honorable, and charismatic leader, and more than that, a noble friend. Discharged from the US army for a failed mission one year earlier, Amber’s goals aren’t to free the Apex Facility from the Russian forces, but to find and save her lifelong friend, a senior member of the Irving staff. Her choices and actions will have far reaching consequences as Amber will stop at  nothing to undermine her enemy. Amber is joined by Sya, an advanced artificial intelligence developed by her friend she is trying to find.

Intended game features for the final build of Dark Storm: Ascension will include the following:

Drone Deployed Map – It really is cooler to see than explain. Needless to say, the map is a special feature in Dark Storm.

Sya Enhanced Projection – See the world in a new way, as Sya, the built-in AI gives the player more information and details about the world than you would ever expect.

Full Voice-over – Featuring amazing voice actors, which include, Danielle McRae (World of Warcraft and League of Legends) and River Kanoff (Heroes of Newerth and Dust: An Elysian Tale), as well as a number of up-and-coming indie talents.

True First-Person – Experience the Dark Storm universe as if you are in it, featuring a first-person perspective that pull you into the action in a believable way.

Dynamic Third-Person Camera – If first-person isn’t your thing, then you can experience Dark Storm in a robust third-person perspective that enhancing the experience with camera-shoulder switching and more

Original and Immersive Narrative – Dark Storm isn’t just a video game, it is an experience. We strive to make this a story you care about on multi-levels. You wouldn’t want to skip the cutscenes this time!

Dynamic Destruction UE4 – Live, fight and die in an environment that reacts to your actions. Use destructibility as a weapon – find new paths or just blow open a locked down. Have fun!

Other plans in the works include these features that you would expect to find in a stealth action game:

dark storm ascension demoMorphine Injection to heal limited amounts of injuries. Healing Chambers that can restore any amount of damage. A Noisemaker, which you can use to distract your enemies. A fun Execution System, for those sneaky kills. A Cover System to get the drop on your enemy. Binoculars, because who doesn’t want to see far away. Analytical Mode for piecing together information. Scattered Audio Logs that unlock more of the story and the people who live in this world. Hit Reaction System – every reaction has an opposite and equal reaction — Hit someone in the leg, and they stumble, shoot them in the arm, and their aim falters, etc. . And general tactical and evasive movements.

You can check out a Dark Storm: Ascension demo for free via Steam, or grab it from indiedb.com, which is free as well. Fenrir Studios are looking to amass $50,000 on Kickstarter before Sep 2 2015, and they want/need your help. If successful, Dark Storm: Ascension will be released on Windows/Mac and Linux with a planned release date of September 2016.

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