Dark Souls III combat will learn from Bloodborne

Dark Souls 3Edge magazine recently went hand-on with Dark Souls 3 and discovered that the game has been quite heavily influenced by From Software’s most recent title, Bloodborne. Dark Souls has always had a very finely balanced design and the smallest of tweaks can make all the difference so fans will be both anxious and excited to hear that the combat is more faster and more fluid than in previous Souls titles.

According to Edge “There are traces of Bloodborne in the combat … While the new hero is no Hunter, he certainly seems more agile than before. The backstep in particular has been sped up, and a longsword is swung more quickly too, with no apparent damage penalty (though enemy health bars – along with the entire HUD – have been disabled here, just as they were at last year’s Bloodborne unveiling).”

It was already known that combat in Dark Souls 3 would be significantly overhauled with the introduction of an entirely new mechanic, the ready stance, which sees your character use a different move set depending on their present stance. This, coedgembined with the information coming from Edge seems to suggest that fan complaints regarding the pace of combat in the Dark Souls series is being addressed. For many this will be great news but for the more conservative fans it could cause some concerns. Will the game become less about cautious exploration and become more of a hack-&-slash? These were the same concerns that people had about Bloodborne prior to release and thankfully we can now say with confidence that a faster and more fluid combat system doesn’t have to make mean the game loses its tactical approach. Indeed a combination of Bloodborne’s fluidity and Dark Souls measured combat could prove to be the best of both worlds.

Edge’s latest issue is available now with plenty more Bloodborne discussion as it takes the cover spot on the popular publication.

Source: gamesradar

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