Dark Souls board game reaches its Kickstarter goal

Dark Souls Board GameDark Souls fans rejoice, thanks to you a board game iteration of your beloved game series will become a thing, and given the way the Kickstarter went, we’re expecting it to be popular. The idea of a Dark Souls board game is an interesting concept, one that was met well with the games community.

it took all of three minutes for the board game to hit its Kickstarter target of £50,000 and while that’s an impressive feat in itself, we can confirm that at the time of writing the project has amassed a grand total of over £400,000 from almost 5,500 backers. That’s overkill if we’ve ever seen it, but what’s more interesting is that the Dark Souls board game official Kickstarter still has 26 days to raise funds. There’s not a lot of IP’s out there that can boast such a backing from its community.

The game itself is being developed by Steam Forged games in coalition with the Dark Souls series video game developer Bandai Namco and is being designed to incorporate all of the traits that fans of the series know and love.Dark Souls Board Game

Dark Souls™ – The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players set in the Dark Souls™ universe. Players choose from a number of core character classes and explore dangerous locations full of monsters, treasures, and deadly boss fights.

Designed specifically for the Dark Souls™ universe and introducing a number of innovative gameplay mechanics, with world-class miniatures faithful to the rich universe, this game delivers an experience that captures the very essence of the original video games.”

The above is quoted directly from the Kickstarter’s description and while we’d like to be able to quote all the information we can, there’s simply too much to post. What we can tell you is that the Dark Souls board game supports either solo play or 2-4 player co-op. If you would like to learn more, you can head over to the game’s Kickstarter page by clicking here. Alternatively check out the trailer below:

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