Dark Souls 3 speed run competition

Dark Souls 3As the title suggests, just days after the game’s release Dark Souls 3 has already become the subject of a competition aimed at the world of speed running video games. The winne, gets bragging rights of being the fastest to complete the game, as is usually the case with speed running… Oh and $10,000.

Bandai Namco Entertainment recently announced the competition as being open to the speed-runners of Austrailia and New Zealand. All entrants need to do is showcase themselves finishing the game in the fastest possible time via a stream or play-through video on their Twitch accounts brandishing the hashtag DS310KSpeedRun. The Bandai Namco Australia Facebook page will be regularly updated with a list of top times as the competition rolls on.

So if you live in either Australia or New Zealand, have already mastered From Software’s Dark Souls 3 and fancy earning yourself a few quid, be sure to head over to www.facebook.com/bandainamcoau for a full list of details as well as the terms and condition of the competition. You have until May 10th to enter. Dark Souls 3

Now, on a personal level I hate the idea of speed running a game, I just feel that video games were meant for something more than to be rushed, but it does at least give players a way of improving their own skills in the game. The Dark Souls series is notorious in the gaming world for its difficulty, and what better way to help battle your way through the endless deaths and rage quits, than letting a “bloke” with a cool accent, show you how its done.

[Source: Gamespot]

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