Dark Souls 3 release date and special edition leak

Dark Souls 3It’s been a while since we’ve seen some critical video game launch information leaked from a retailer that wasn’t Amazon, thankfully Middle Eastern Retailer Geekay Games are on hand to ensure that we aren’t waiting any longer. And they’ve decided to give us a decent helping of information at that, leaking the highly anticipated Dark Souls 3 release date and information regarding Special Editions of the game.

So let’s start with that all important release date, obviously this kind of thing can only be treat as speculation until the developers, From Software, make any official announcements, April 12th 2016 is the date that’s been leaked, which seems pretty reliable given the publishers previously stated that they were aiming for an April 2016 release. Additionally, and more interestingly, two Special Editions of the game have also appeared on the retailers listings, according to the leak, fans wanting to pick up the game and maybe spend a little more on a Special Edition could have the choice between a Prestige Edition and a Collector’s Edition. Dark Souls 3

Both of these Special Editions seem somewhat similar at that, both include a physical of the game presented in a metal case, you’ll also get a copy of the game’s soundtrack, a cloth version of the in-game map, clothing patches and a hardcover art book. Where they differ is what comes next, according to the leak the Collector’s Edition of the game comes with a 10-inch Red Knight figurine whereas the Prestige Edition features a 16-inch Lord of Cinder figurine. Again, we want to stress that all of this is pure speculation, but the details are far to specific to ignore. Pricing has yet to be announced, again Geekay Games have us covered through listing the Collector’s and Prestige Edition at $136 and $499 (when converted from local currency).

With the amount of details leaked, along with how specific they are we’d say it’s safe to assume the leaks as accurate. Though we won’t really know until an official announcement is made.

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