Dark Souls 3 Gameplay reveal trailer

Dark SoulsIn case you missed it, From Software’s up-coming addition to the Dark Souls series was shown during the Xbox Gamescom 2015 conference, and well, if you didn’t miss it, chances are you’re going to want to watch it again. Additionally, new screenshots have also emerged from Gamescom highlighting how beauty can very much be found in the darkest of place. So let’s start off with the trailer, right from the off its become relatively obvious that From Software are up to their old tricks when it comes to the Dark Souls series, horror, violence and extreme difficulty. Though the new generation hardware seems to have definitely boosted some of the effects… Not quite sure whether or not that’s at good thing at the moment:

And while that pretty much tells us everything we need to know for now, check out the screenshots below to see more of Dark Souls 3:

Dark Souls 3 will launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC early 2016. An official day of release has yet to be confirmed.

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