Dark Souls 3 cinematic launch trailer

Dark Souls 3Dark Souls 3 is now available in Japan, and along with it, a new cinematic launch trailer. Everyone else in the world has a couple more weeks to wait, and that wait may feel rather long. 

Will Dark Souls 3 ramp up the difficulty compared to Dark Souls 2? Could it be the hardest Souls game yet, even more so than Demon’s Souls? Watch the new cinematic and pine over it while you wait until April, or read a helpful tip on how to get it sooner on Xbox One…

While Dark Souls 3 is currently available in Japan, European and American fans have to wait until early April to get their chance to jump in. That is unless you take advantage of a little region changing on Xbox One at least.

dark souls 3 neogafKotaku went the extra mile with this one, following up to see what Microsoft had to say about fans modifying their region on their console and the official statement was;

“Although Xbox One games are not region locked, which means there are no technical limitations that would prevent them from being used in any country, Microsoft does not condone importing Xbox One games outside of official launch markets.”

You can play it now if you want to, which will be in English too, but be careful. Why not just wait it out and play something else until then?

[Source: Youtube]

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