Dark Pit Amiibo is a Best Buy Exclusive in the United States

Dark PitWith Lucario, Shulk, Rosalina and Meta Knight already having had store exclusivity deals it was only a matter of time before another popped up. In the next wave of amiibo Dark Pit has been confirmed as a Best Buy exclusive. On a brighter note however it seems Nintendo might finally be getting a handle of the stock crisis.

Pit himself proved to be one of the rarer amiibo in his own wave and can still be tricky to find depending on your area so Dark Pit will likely prove popular among fans of these collectibles. This time around Best Buy will not be accepting pre-orders and the figures will be sold on a first come first serve basis on July 31st. Palutena is also set to release on that date while Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, Olimar & Pikmin, Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr arriving in September.

Some good news however is that the amiibo drought finally seems to be lifting with this most recent wave. Dark Pit, Palutena, Ganondorf and Zero Suit Samus arrived in European stores this week and for the first time since amiibo began all figures seemed to be in good supply with dozens of each on the shelves. Also notable was the return of a number of the rarest figures with Wii Fit Trainer, Little Mac, King Dedede and Shulk slowly filtering back into the market while Rosalina looks set to follow.

This is long overdue and we imagine many collectors may have lost interest due to early stock shortages but for now it seems those pesky scalpers might be about to get burned. As for the figures themselves, this wave sees the quality jump up another notch in terms of detail and Nintendo finally seem to be figuring out how to make supporting stands blend in a little better and not destroy an otherwise great figure (looking at you Link).

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