Dara Ó Briain to host new videogame TV show Go 8 Bit

Dara Ó BriainIrish comedian and video game lover Dara Ó Briain is bringing a new six-part video game TV show to Dave called Go 8 Bit. Based on a live comedy set from Edinburgh, the act sees celebrities get competitive over video games in front of a live studio.

How it will work is “Each week they [the team captains] will guide their celebrity guest teammate through five rounds of increasingly competitive, hilarious gaming contests. Whether it be an arcade classic like Pac-Man, the latest blockbuster Grand Theft Auto or Fallout title, the most cutting-edge computer technology – or even larger-than-life game-inspired physical challenges, Dara and the show’s resident gaming expert Ellie Gibson will be on hand to adjudicate, commentate, and generally wind up the contestants. The series will be recorded in front of a live studio audience who will decide the winner of each round.”

Dara Ó Briain said “Put a video game controller in the hands of a nun and she’ll turn into a trash-talking bloodthirsty monster. Give a controller to a comedian and they’ll do that too, but be funny. In video games veritas, my friends. This show is a raucous, back-biting, properly competitive celebration of the world’s favourite pastime. Let’s Go 8 Bit!”

It could be cringe-worthy, it could be fun, but it’s video games on the telly and that’s not always a bad thing. Dara Ó Briain does love his games though, and has hosted the Video Game BAFTAS in the past, while also appearing on Mock the Week. Check out one of his Apollo skits below, which I personally adore!

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