Daaaaaaytonaaaaaa is back! Daytona 3 hitting arcades

daytona 777 speedwayBack in the days of the arcade, Sega were the kings. Sure, we had Namco with their lightgun games that won over a load of players, but it was Sega’s 5 minute bursts of fun and creativity that set them apart from the competition. When the games hit consoles, they were certainly lacking in content, but for a pound, they were perfect. Daytona USA was said to be making a comeback, and here it is!

If you’re fortunate enough to live near The Orange County Convention Center, you could sit yourself down and be among the first in the public to play Daytona 3 Championship USA (what a title). I’ll admit, when I saw the original opening, I was as giddy as a teenager with nostalgia, then the vocals changed and I sighed. You can grab a small teaser of the graphical changes in the link below.

They are hashtagging it with ‘Arcade Only’ which is unfortunate. Gaming has switched to home platforms, why instantly limit yourself and your aged fan base with such a move?!!! If this does somehow prove successful, what’s next from Sega? A revamped Sega Rally? Virtual-On? Touring Cars? Virtua Racing?

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