Cuphead receives a brand new gameplay trailer

CupheadXbox exclusive Cuphead, which has failed to give us a firm release date since being revealed some years ago, has a new trailer. Let’s hope that E3 on Monday brings a firm release date, shall we?

Developed by Studio MDHR, Cuphead is a 1930s cartoon inspired run and gun platformer, and it looks frustrating as hell. With a fantastic soundtrack, gorgeous visuals and extreme difficulty, it’s a game for the hardcore platforming fans out there.

Expect a lot of boss fights as you work your way through the multiple levels, and invite a friend in for some co-op action, letting them play as Mugman. And don’t worry too much about the difficulty, as you have infinite lives and don’t lose your weapons upon death. It will still be hard, so you may be prone to rage quitting!

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