Cristiano Ronaldo in GTA V, just because…

cristiano-ronaldoReal Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo decides to take a trip to Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V, showing off his world famous ball skills, and causing some mayhem in the process. Do we really need to say more, as you’re just going to watch the video anyway, aren’t you?

The footage isn’t actually made using a mod, it’s straight from FIFA animations created with Cinema 4D, and just thrown into GTA V. See him perform a few ‘keepy-uppies’ before knocking a motorcyclist off his bike, and then carjacking an unfortunate civilian, taking the stolen Dinka Jester to Los Santos Customs and applying some lovely Real Madrid liveries.

Of course, Ronaldo couldn’t help getting a selfie on the hillside in front of the Vinewood sign, overlooking the city of Los Santos. It’s worth watching through to the end, which will make you laugh, imitating the Jean Claude Van Damme commercial for Volvo trucks, although he doesn’t perform the full splits, sadly.

And what is the point of this video? Nothing really. It just shows how awesome technology is today, and how creative some people can be!

[Source: TheFIFA11videos]

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