Crackdown 3 teaser site lists ‘mission dates’

crackdown 3A Crackdown 3 teaser site has been discovered which lists a handful of missions with some very odd mission details. Yes, our eyebrows raised somewhat, but it’s Crackdown 3, we know it’s coming, and we’re dying to see it in action this coming week.

The teaser site hints at dates where things will happen, but it’s not too specific. June 10th was yesterday, and that’s when the teaser site was found, or went live. Another date entry lasts for a week, which could suggest the summer beta we’ve previously been informed of. But what about the rest of the dates?

crackdown 3 teaser siteFor those who are unfamiliar with Crackdown, the original game launch in 2007 and sees players take control of a genetically enhanced super agent. Think GTA with The Matrix. Get kills and collect orbs that upgrade your speed, jumping ability, accuracy and even your vehicles, which transform into even more powerful cars right before your eyes.

Take down crime bosses and their henchmen in different orders to see different effects take place. Take out the arms dealer, and the rest of that crime boss’ men will be less armed, for example.

Perhaps we shall receive beta invites via our inbox, either by email or through the Xbox Messenger during E3? There’s a new mission each week as of yesterday, on the 10th, 17th, 24th and 30th of June. What does it all mean?!!! Let’s just hang on until Microsoft’s E3 show tomorrow to learn more details.

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