Crackdown 3 shown off at Gamescom

crackdown 3Microsoft Game Studios and Re-Agent revealed the first taste of gameplay for Crackdown 3, the follow up to the Xbox 360 franchise which let players take on the role of a super cop, Matrix style, to take down crime bosses and their crew. The game allowed for four friends to team up together, and Crackdown 3 is doing the same.

Set in a brand new city, Crackdown 3 sees you working with your friends, or alone, to take down more crime bosses by any means necessary, and taking back the city. You can take on the crime bosses and their henchmen in any order you wish, and completing them in different orders, can affect the strength of the next one. Take out the weapon dealers, and you’ll find the rest of the crew lacking in heavy armaments, for example. Crackdown 3 will also feature competitive multiplayer modes, utilising 100% destructible environments.

“By connecting to the cloud, play with 20 times the computational power of your Xbox One, and deliver destruction and mayhem.”

Crackdown 3 will be available in 2016, and will have a multiplayer beta available next year as well.

[Source: Youtube]

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