DreamHack e-Sports event ends with a brawl

DreamHackPolice were recently called to Dreamhack Winter after a verbal altercation between one of the professional Counter Strike players and a journalist broke into a fully fledged physical fight. Richard Lewis, a journalist/commentator for Breitbart and Jonathan “Loda” Berg were giving one another grief via social media before finally meeting face to face to continue their disagreement. Here’s the full story:

Journalist Richard Lewis

It started out with journalist Richard Lewis trolling Berg by insinuating that he had slept with his girlfriend via a Tweet, tagging the Pro-Gamer in the process calling his girlfriend a “groupie”. Berg responded with passive aggression stating that the two would meet at the up-coming eSports event where they could “talk it out”. The two exchanged a number of Tweets and inevitably met face to face at the tournament where Berg allegedly pushed his head into the face of Lewis. Lewis responded by grabbing Berg by the neck strangling him. Admins of the event then pulled the two apart and the altercation went back to the innocent world of Twitter.

Jonathan Berg: “So I go and talk to @LewisReports and he physically assaults me… He strangles me until admins pulled him away. Police inc!

Shortly after, the two met back up and put the whole ordeal behind them.

Richard Lewis: “Wasn’t the ideal way to meet @LodaBerg but we talked and shook hands like people should after differences are ironed out.

Jonathan “Loda” Berg

DreamHack releases the following statement in relation to the incident:

“It is of the utmost importance for DreamHack to operate an event in which all visitors, staff, exhibitors and competitors can feel safe. All parties, DreamHack, Richard Lewis and Loda deeply regret that an environment existed in which this situation occurred, and confrontation escalated as it did. All parties have jointly taked with DreamHack security crew, as well as Police and believe that the best actions are to put aside our differences and come together to move forward with the conclusion of DreamHack Winter 2015. We hope that all event visiors and online viewers will focus on the positives activities and all the great ongoings of the event this weekend.”

Now it’s great to hear that the two were able to settle the disagreement but they really should have picked a more appropriate location to settle their dispute. People fall out and sometimes it turns into a scuffle, these things happen. But the two people involved are both adults and really should have demonstrated more self control given the environment they were in at the time of the altercation. But what do you think? Be sure to let us know below!

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