Conversation with Creators with Will Wheaton – Destiny

DestinyIn a roundtable interview hosted by Wil Wheaton, Bungie’s Lead designer Luke Smith, co-founder Jason Jones, senior environment artist Jason Sussman, and Technical Art Director Ryan Ellis sit down to talk about all things Destiny, what’s come, what’s coming, and hint at more content to follow The Taken King.

Speaking about the project that is Destiny, Luke Smith says that the team don’t look at Destiny as a complete experience, and that the team are always looking at ways to build on it, feeling that there’s a lot more untapped potential to be found in their universe.

“I actually don’t think there are many, or any, people on the Bungie team who look at Destiny as a job well done,” Smith said. “It’s like a job in progress that has a ridiculous amount of work in front of us and huge amount of potential that we haven’t met at all in a bunch of ways. We’ve met it in other ways, but that potential is the thing we’re still chasing.”

“We have to make Destiny, the franchise, into something that rises up to meet the potential that people imagine when they sit down and they hear [hums theme song].”

[Source: Conversations with Creators]

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