Conan O’Brien battles Conor McGregor on UFC 2

conan o'brien ufc clueless gamerYou just can’t beat Conan O’Brien and his Clueless Gamer segment, can you? They’ve been coming along more frequently as of late, and I’m sure that’s due to the hits (no pun intended in this case) he receives from the gaming community. In the latest episode, he fights as himself against Conor McGregor in EA’s UFC 2.

You have to hand it to EA or whoever made the replica of Conan in the game, as it’s an almost perfect representation of the tv talkshow host. Still, that doesn’t help him in the face of Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor, as they square off in the Octagon for a fight that both men will surely remember.

You can see more of Conan’s wonderful Clueless Gamer videos through the link below, and pick up UFC 2 when it becomes available on March 15th (US) and March 17 (EU), with the addition of an Ultimate Team mode made popular in FIFA and Madden sports titles.

Source: Youtube]

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