Conan O’Brien and PewDiePie play Far Cry Primal

clueless gamer far cry primalIt’s always a pleasure to see Conan O’Brien publishing another Clueless Gamer segment, as they’re always good fun, and his guests are always great. This time around, Conan sits down with PewDiePie to play Ubisoft’s first big release of 2016, Far Cry Primal.

During Conan’s experience, it shows the game starting up, as it recedes back to 10,000 BCE, when the game is set. Seeing your friends getting attacked after taking down a mammoth, you then have to venture off by yourself, taming and befriending animals. It actually looks quite good, and Conan and PewDiePie have some fun with a very pervy badger…

Far Cry Primal released this week, and we’d love to know what you guys think of it so far? Are you planning to pick it up in the future, or does the game’s setting turn you off?

[Source: Youtube]

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