Community Spotlight – Darth Ripper on Youtube

darth ripperThis week, we focus our attention on one of our community members by the name of Chris Thesithlord Reed, who has his very own Youtube channel which he asked us to share on his behalf. You can check him out here, and looking at his welcome video, before checking out his content, he’s certainly an entertaining Youtuber worth your time!

Chris, or Darth Ripper, as he likes to be known, had the following to say, “Hey 4-One gamers! This is Darth Ripper and I do a Let’s Play YouTube channel that is steadily growing. If you’ve never seen my channel, come join the Sith today for some awesome shows like The Dark Side Demands, a show where I play games suggested by you, the subscriber! There is The Dark Side Plays where I, Darth Ripper, teams up with Darth Vexis to conquer games together! Also, The Dark Side Reviews is a spin on the traditional game review with laughs and some celebrity guests!”

When Chris first got in touch with us, he said “I follow you guys more than anyone else because there is zero fanboy crap going on and its refreshing. I’d love to work with you guys if I ever got the chance,” which he might just do! Let’s see what the future holds, eh? Check him out, subscribe to his channel, and let us know what you think!

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