Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 in VR?

red alert 2Command & Conquer is a series that seems to have lost its footing over the last few years, but there’s no denying that the likes of Red Alert and its sequel will go down in history as one of the greatest Real Time Strategies the gaming industry has ever seen. What if Red Alert 2 was brought forward into a new generation though? A VR generation? Well….

Reported by The Next Web, “Gamer and developer Ádám Horváth took up the project after having recently realized a virtual mirror to try on clothes. By creating a version of the game that runs in Unreal Engine 4, he was able to integrate VR-based gameplay. By putting on a HTC Vive, you can lose yourself in Yuri’s dimension.”

Players are given a virtual tablet for a game set in 1972 (shush, it’s already a game which features creative and futuristic tech!) and can view the overworld by walking around it. All of the buildings and units have been re-imagined in 3D, and you use a virtual stylus to click on production items such as barracks, refineries, riflemen and tanks. It doesn’t look very intuitive, but it’s a start!

Don’t get your hopes up just yet though, as this is only a modding project and not an actual ‘fit for purpose’ official release. Hopefully it doesn’t get shut down for legal reasons but the idea of turning an old classic like Red Alert 2 into a modern day virtual world like this is exciting. Will it still include the epic soundtrack though?

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