Comcast partner with EA for game streaming service

xfinity games comcastOn Tuesday, July 14th, Comcast and EA announced a partnership, that would allow for the streaming of EA games across the Comcast service, which currently resides in over 5 million homes. The service will allow owners to play games via a streaming service, and playable via select tablets and phones.

The partnership was revealed about a year ago following an inside source, and only this week has it been officially revealed. The service will be titled “Xfinity Games powered by EA,” which isn’t the most catchiest title, and will be targeted at “families that want to play games on the TV and that’s casual gamers,” as told to Polygon by Comcast.

“We are launching our beta [today],” EA VP of marketing Katrina Strafford, told Polygon. “It will include 20 games, most of which, but not all, are from EA. We have relationships with publishers across the industry and it’s absolutely something we’ll explore more as we get feedback from players about what they’re liking, what games are really making sense for them in this medium and we’ll learn and go from there.”

A selection of playing devices, be it phones and tablets will be compatible with the service, which you can learn more about through Comcast’s website.

comcast game streamingThe games confirmed so far include the following;

  • Real Racing 2
  • EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer 13
  • NBA Jam on Fire Edition
  • Plants VS. Zombies
  • Peggle Nights
  • Word Whomp Underground
  • World of Goo

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