Colourful gift idea for the biggest PlayStation fans

playstation colouring bookThere’s no doubting Sony’s dominance this generation, and while the competition is great for us players, it also means we get some neat little gift ideas thanks to its popularity. Advertised back in November, I thought it was worth mentioning again for last minute holiday gift ideas for the artist fans out there. The PlayStation Colouring Book!

Yes, a book adorning a PlayStation logo, with pages filled with characters and iconography from the PlayStation’s best games. Throw a packet of colouring markers in and let the gamer friend or partner scribble away throughout the holidays, feeling like a kid all over again.

Art for the Players showcases iconic designs from some of the best-loved PlayStation® games, old and new, from Lemmings and WipEout™, to God of War and Uncharted. Add colour to the scenes and characters from LittleBigPlanet™, Horizon Zero Dawn™, Journey™, Ratchet & Clank™, Heavy Rainand Tearaway to name just a selection of the 16 iconic games included in this book. Then flick to the back to find 16 colour pages which provide information on the games as well as full colour art. An essential edition to any gaming enthusiast’s collection including a range of games that will appeal to many ages.”

colouring book playstation

The PlayStation colouring book can be picked up through Amazon for the littlest of £6.99. A brilliant stocking filler alongside a few colouring pens or markers.


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