Collection of Atari games hit Xbox One and PS4

atari flashback classicsTwo collections of ancient Atari classics have made their way onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week. While today’s games boast 60 frames per second, high resolution visuals, back in the 80s, such selling points were irrelevant, and they were great days. How would you like to witness the games that we all grew up with?

“Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 brings 50 iconic Atari games, complete with multiplayer, global leaderboards, and more. From arcade legends to 2600 classics, this massive library includes some of the most popular Atari titles ever released, including Combat, Centipede, Swordquest, Star Raiders . Intuitive interface design delivers the responsive feel of the originals on modern controllers. All new achievements, leaderboards and social features, combined with an amazing archive of classic artwork make Atari Flashback Classics the ultimate Atari collection!”

Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 includes another 50 titles, including Asteroids, Haunted House, Adventure, Major Havoc, and more. Both volumes sell for $20 each, but apparently on PC you can get them both for the same amount. While this is the ultimate nostalgia trip, $40 is a bit of a stretch for a company no longer in business. Hang on until they are bundled together, or at least sold for cheaper, but there are a couple in here that I would be interested in trying again, even if only for five minutes each!

atari flashback classics

The full list of titles on both collections can be seen below. Unfortunately, one of my old favourites ‘Kangaroo’ isn’t listed on either. Sad face. Speaking of titles, look at how creative some of these names were!

  1. Adventure
  2. Asgo Concentration
  3. Asteroids
  4. Asteroids (Arcade)
  5. Asteroids Deluxe (Arcade)
  6. Basic Math Blackjack
  7. Breakout
  8. Casino
  9. Championship Soccer
  10. Checkers
  11. Chess
  12. Code Breaker
  13. Crystal Castles
  14. Crystal Castles (Arcade)
  15. Demons to Diamonds
  16. Double Dunk
  17. Flag Capture
  18. Golf
  19. Gravitar
  20. Gravitar (Arcade)
  21. Hangman
  22. Haunted House
  23. Major Havoc (Arcade)
  24. Maze Craze
  25. Missile Command
  26. Missile Command (Arcade)
  27. Night Driver
  28. Off the Wall
  29. Outlaw
  30. Race
  31. Red Baron (Arcade)
  32. Return to Haunted House
  33. RS Baseball
  34. RS Basketball
  35. RS Tennis
  36. Secret Quest
  37. Sentinel
  38. Sky Diver
  39. Spacewar
  40. Sprint (Arcade)
  41. Starship
  42. Stellar Track
  43. Street Racer
  44. Sub Commander
  45. Super Breakout
  46. Super Breakout (Arcade)
  47. Surround
  48. V Pinball
  49. Video Cube

Atari Flashback Classics: Volume 2

  1. 3D Tic Tac Tow
  2. Air Sea Battle
  3. Backgammon
  4. Basketball
  5. Black Widow (Arcade)
  6. Bowling
  7. Brain Games
  8. Canyon Bomber
  9. Centipede
  10. Centipede (Arcade)
  11. Circus Atari
  12. Combat
  13. Combat 2
  14. Desert Falcon
  15. Dodge-em
  16. Fatal Run
  17. Football
  18. Homerun
  19. Human Cannonball
  20. Liberator (Arcade)
  21. Lunar Lander (Arcade)
  22. Millipede
  23. Millipede (Arcade)
  24. Minigolf
  25. Pong (Arcade)
  26. Quadrun
  27. Radar Lock
  28. RS Volleyball
  29. RS Boxing
  30. RS Football
  31. RS Soccer
  32. Save Mary
  33. Slot Machine
  34. Slot Racers
  35. Space Duel (Arcade)
  36. Sprint Master
  37. Star Raiders
  38. Steeplechase
  39. Stunt Cycle
  40. Super Baseball
  41. Super Football
  42. Sword Quest EW
  43. Sword Quest FW
  44. Sword Quest WW
  45. Tempest
  46. Tempest (Arcade)
  47. Video Olympics
  48. Warlords
  49. Warlords (Arcade)
  50. Yars’ Revenge

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