Coleco consoles return with the Chameleon

Coleco ChameleonWhen talking about Retro consoles, you often see people mention NES, Genesis, Atari, but rarely do you see mention of the ColecoVision, one of Atari’s main competitors, and despite not having the same level of popularity, it still managed to gain It’s own niche.

Fast forward a few decades, and the name seems to have vanished along with the company, that is until River West Holdings, the company that acquired the name back in 2005, announced a revival Retro console, known as the Coleco Chameleon (That you can see in the header picture).

The machine is reported to be able to play both classic Coleco titles, as well as “New games developed in the 8, 16 and 32 bit styles” developed for the system.

Another interesting feature is that games will be featured in plastic packages with colorful manuals, just like the old days!

The console is set for release next year, and will be showcased on February at the New York City Toy Fair. A point to consider though, is that the console also seems to be a second attempt at relaunching the Retro VGS, which failed a IndieGoGo campaign earlier this year.

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So what do you think 4-One community? Will you be getting this? Or would you rather use your old console? (Should you have it around somewhere). Share your thoughts on the comments section.

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