The drop rate odds in Call of Duty are criminally low

Call of Duty Infinite WarfareCall of Duty is back in the spotlight on social media thanks to some Reddit users. Infinite Warfare received an update a couple of days ago, but the update allowed people to exploit the key used for purchasing loot crates. The people who used the exploit all agree – the drop rates are seriously unfair.

A Reddit user going by the name  trentser91111 posted a comment on the Call of Duty sub-Reddit to spill the beans on the controversial loot crates. The user claims to have used in excess of 25,000 keys. This is valued at around €999.60.

He used 25,000 keys. It costs 30 keys to open a crate.
25,000 ÷ 30 = 833 Rare Crates

It costs 200 COD Points to open a crate.
833 x 200 = 166,600 CoD Points.

Cod Points are valued at approximately €0.007c per point.
(It costs €99.99 for 13,000 Points on the store.)

Now let’s assume you get a discount when you purchase more points. For argument sake, I’m going to value 25,000 points at €0.006c per point.
25,000 x 0.006 = €999.60.

The user on Reddit went on to say that he is a “legit” 10th Prestige player who invested about an average of 8 hours of play time per day since the game launched. He currently has 16 days of play time which saw him legitimately earn around 2,500 keys. “Thus, 25k worth of keys would be 192 days of time played, a number that would be almost impossible for someone to reach in the game’s 1 year life cycle.” he continued.
Due to the high number of duplicates he got by opening the crates,  he had only managed to complete 67% of the Quarter Master (the in-game unlockables).

Several users have echoed his sentiments. “The whole system is a complete scam and it’s sole purpose is to make Activision a shit ton of money. Which is exactly why I’ll never buy COD Points. Or in fact never pay for any system like this in any game.” one user went on to say. Another user commented about how he was only on his 1st Prestige, and yet had the rarest of weapons.

We have reached out to Activision regarding the matter in an effort to obtain the official drop figures for the RNG system. Massive/Ubisoft have publicly released their RNG drop rates with each update on Reddit in the past for Tom Clancy’s Division – but do they only release the figures because there’s no purchasable currency? Who knows? We’ll be sure to update you should Activision release a statement regarding the matter at hand.

Activision and Infinity Ward have made it clear that they are handing out bans and stat resets to those who abused the exploit. But one can not help but wonder how annoyed they are by the publication of such  figures, because after all, one thing is clear – the drop rates are criminally low and this exploit has essentially exposed the truth behind the controversial micro-transaction system.

Stay tuned to 4-One Gaming for future updates on this topic.

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