The co-operation of Sea of Thieves

sea of thievesWith Scalebound now just a pipe dream for a few disgruntled Xbox One and Windows 10 fans, eyes now turn more firmly towards Rare’s Sea of Thieves, a game that has been teased for over two years. With a release due this year, details are still a little sketchy, with the odd developer diary video sharing a few details here and there. Will it be a winner for Xbox One?

It’s hard to feel excited or enthused about Sea of Thieves, and while we often hear about how fun it is between groups at public events like E3 or even a Gamescom event, the general player base can only watch on and wonder what the game actually entails. Will it be enough to keep players playing together for months on end, sailing the high seas, pillaging and treasure hunting, or is it something fun for a few hours before the barrel runs dry?

Rare has since released yet another vidoc that discusses the co-operative elements of the game, and how different roles are required to successful run and navigate the ship. The one commandeering the ship won’t actually have access to a map, so that role will need to be filled by someone else, encouraging communication and team work.

In another instance, you see the crew work together to dig up a treasure chest. Working together makes the process a lot faster, but it’s also up to other crewmates to protect their buddies in case of nearby rivals looking to claim the rewards for their own.

Again, it’s difficult to be excited because I don’t fully know what the meaning behind all of it is. What do I do with the treasure I find once I sell it? What do I buy with my gold? More weapons? Clothes? Items that help with future adventures? What are these adventures? Is it rinse and repeat, looking for more treasure, more weapons, more items? Battles with other players between ships are certainly in there, but what is the overarching goal?

I’m hesitant, in case you can’t tell.

The Xbox One lineup for 2017 is a little on the trim side, especially compared to its obvious competitor, and with Nintendo about to launch their next console, Team Xbox needs to step it up in time for E3 and reveal some games to keep their community settled and feeling confident again.

sea of thieves

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