Clueless Gamer Conan O’Brien plays Battlefield 1

clueless gamer terry battlefield 1Battlefield 1 has been out since October, but Conan O’Brien has only recently gotten his hands on it. After his last Clueless Gamer segment involving Final Fantasy XV which he wasn’t too fond of, it was time for something more mainstream and…accessible I guess? He is joined by Terry Crews.

The segment was good fun, as they both attempt a few scenes from Battlefield 1’s single player campaign, involving on-foot action, tank navigation and some aerial combat. Jokes were made in response to the death scenes and the birth and death of the soldiers, with a hilarious moment involving a tree, and needing to pee.

The historical battles of World War 1 should keep Battlefield 1 at the top of a lot of players’ playlists, but in a game celebrated for its multiplayer combat, it’s a shame we didn’t see Conan and Terry check out the brilliant multiplayer portion of the game.

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