Classic Duke Nukem games to be removed from the GOG store

Duke Nukem is probably one of the most well known series in gaming. We are still able to get these titles today long after their release, but maybe not for long as from the 31st of December they will be removed from sale on

The games to be removed are the 2d side scrolling shooters Duke Nukem 1+2, the pinball game Balls of Steel, Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. GOG is giving a generous discount off these titles along with their warning that they’ll disappear.

The reason for the removal is because the rights to the titles are changing hands. This requires some paperwork as all things do, so until this is worked out they won’t be available for sale. I am assuming this means they’ll be taken off Steam as well.

GOG has said it is communicating with the new rights holders to allow sales of the series again. Don’t worry if you already own any of the games, they’ll remain intact in your library. This has of course happened before with the Fallout games after the rights to the classic games were handed over to Bethesda, and all are available again on both Steam and

It’s a good time to grab the games now though as the discount that GOG are giving in light of the announcement is pretty significant with 90% off the bundle of all five games, which brings the price down to $2.36 for the lot. Alternatively, the individual titles (1+2 is bundled already) can be picked up at $1.49.

Steam also have a 3DRealms Anthology edition that is now available in the Steam Winter sale and will also only be available until December 31st. Take a look at the trailer below.


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