Civilization VI announced, coming this year

Civilization VIIt looks like it’s going to be the kind of holiday season where you lock yourself in your room and bury yourself in front of your monitor until spring, with a wealth of games already announced for late 2016. To add to the pile that’s building up in your library, here comes Sid Meier’s Civilization VI along with a trailer and release date.

Civilization VI is the follow up to 2010’s Civilization V, with the Beyond Earth title in 2014 being a bit of an off-shoot spin-off set in the future. The return to classic Civilization gameplay, albeit with a few changes and updates should certainly please long-term fans.

The first thing Firaxis said is that they wanted to rework the game so it wasn’t all a proven formula. So you would have to pay more attention to everything when you decide to play. They didn’t elaborate much but they did say they were going to give leaders “hidden agendas.”

Firaxis also talked about completely revamping the diplomacy in Civilization VI, which some may argue was really needed. They then talked about how the units would change. Civ V took a big step by only allowing 1 unit on a tile which was way better than stacks of death. Now they are going to dial it back, allowing main units and support units on the same tile at any given time. For example, archers with swordsman.

civilization vi

The next change Firaxis spoke about regarding Civilization VI is a whole redesign to the cities and in districts like in endless legend but it is a more complicated system. You will need science districts to build universities and the tiles directly affect them.

For example, in Civ V, you could get all the sailing techs without having any cities on the coast. Now you will get big research boosts by building and having coastal cities or building vessels or work boats to all coastal techs. That makes sense!

Civilization VI will be coming to PC on October 21, 2016.

[Words provided by Bradley Parker]

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