It’s Christmas in Los Santos on GTA Online

festive surprise gta onlineGTA Online players will be able to dress their avatars for the occasion as the shops have gotten in their stock of Christmas outfits. Rockstar have not made the official announcement yet, but Twitter is filled with gifs and screenshots of brand new festive clothing, whooo!

As an annual tradition, snow will soon fall over Los Santos and Blaine County, but it hasn’t happened yet. Forecasts dictate that we’re due a few days of the white stuff, which will be the cause of hazardous, but extremely fun driving action! Wrap up warm in some of the latest accessories and apparel, including new masks, scarfs, hats and gloves, some of which you can see in the clip below.

There are also additional outfits that glow in the dark, which retail for $100,000 each. I have only seen one example of the outfits, but it was a still image. There is a new vehicle available via Benny’s which you can see below too!

gta online nero

With the weekend Import/Export event now complete, we await this week’s new events and bonus payout jobs. Hopefully something like a snowball fight or something equally festive to get friends together in GTA Online. I know where I’ll be spending my time!

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