Cho’Gall now available in Heroes of the Storm

BHeroes of the Stormlizzard’s MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) just keeps getting better thanks to developer support, Blizzard have been constantly keeping the game fresh with the addition of new characters, new arenas and updates to the game itself to ensure the smooth running of the game. The latest update brings the new Hero Cho’Gall into the Nexus, and the Nexus will never be the same again.

Cho’Gall is the first in what could be a whole new breed of Hero set to revolutionise the MOBA as we know it, why? One Hero, two players in perfect… Or not so perfect harmony, don’t worry we’re going to explain. Cho’Gall is a two-headed Orge ripped straight from the biggest and baddest of the World of Warcraft’s characters. His two heads represent two entirely different characters, with players assuming the role of each. Cho is the first of the two heads, and perhaps the most relevant. The player who assumes this role has the job of movement and basic attacks and will control both characters on behalf of the other player, he has three primary abilities, one of which is shared with the other player, and one Heroic ability which can be chosen from two, through Cho’s talent tree.Heroes of the Storm

Gall makes up the other half of the Hero and is controlled by the ‘other’ player, taking this role will mean you’re unable to dictate where you go on the map as you’re tied with Cho, but where he lacks the ability to physically move he makes up for in sheer damage. Gall’s abilities are considerably stronger than that of his Brothers. Again he has three primary abilities one of which is shared with Cho (we’ll explain don’t worry) and the choice of one of two horrifically powerful Heroic abilities that can chew up pretty much any of the other characters in the game during a one on one fight.

Needless to say, this character takes a certain amount of synergy with your chosen ‘better half’ to play. Because the characters take two people to play, he represents two Heroes in the Nexus. Which means right from the off you’re a Hero down. But Cho’Gall’s power makes up for the missing body. To start with, he has an absolutely massive health pool which instantly means even the best of the best are going to struggle to take him down alone. He also has huge ability range, heavy hitting basic attack damage and good enough mobility to get him out of sticky situations. The need for communication between the two players however is crucial, his most powerful ability for example requires both players to be effective, as can be seen in the Spotlight video below:

Cho’Gall officially launched earlier today with the latest update along with a new arena and community event themed around his introduction AND making him completely free of charge to those who take part in aiding the community. Firstly, to get your hands on Cho’Gall you need to find someone in Heroes of the Storm who already has him, you’ll both need to player one head each and win two games to unlock the Hero for the person who hasn’t already got him. Fortunately, there’s plenty of incentive for other players to take you under their wing, as winning four games whilst teamed up with a player who doesn’t already have him will award that player with 2,200 Gold (in-game currency).

Having had some time with the new Hero it’s probably fair to mention that Cho’Gall is without a shadow of the a doubt one of the most fun characters we’ve ever played within a MOBA. The idea behind two players working together brings a new aspect of co-operation we had yet to see in the genre and it’s always great to see developers introducing new ways to play in their games.

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