China lifts 15 year ban of games consoles

china console ban liftedFor 15 years, China banned the sales of games consoles within their own borders, for fear that children would grow up wasting their time playing games. As of the past weekend, it has been made official that game consoles can now be traded across the country, in an effort to capitalise on the market and promote advancement in the technology and a “healthy and progressive” entertainment environment.

The ban was placed in the year 2000, and although big name consoles were developed within the country, many consoles were imported back into the region via the black market. The ban being lifted is also aimed at promoting a new manufacturing zone in Shanghai, which will produce consoles. “Consoles manufactured in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone will automatically be approved for sale in the rest of the country, according to a Ministry of Culture notice dated Friday,” says the Sky News report on their website.

The story continues “Sony and Microsoft have announced they plan to manufacture games consoles in the Shanghai zone with Chinese partners.

china free trade zone shanghaiSony spokesman Sousuke Kamei said: “We welcome the move. “We remain committed to deliver fun and exciting console gaming experiences to as many Chinese users as possible”

Nintendo declined to comment.”

While this news may not appeal to the US and EU markets directly, it is certainly fantastic for the games industry, which should experience a massive growth, with new gamers, more sales, new developers and more games to come.

[Source: Sky News]

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