Check out Ken from Street Fighter Resurrection

charlie resurrectionThe creators of Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, which is a live action take on the childhood training of Ryu and Ken have shared a picture of what Ken Masters will look like in Street Fighter Resurrection. The live action mini-series will tell the story of Charlie, taking us into Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4 and PC this February.

While Joey Ansah and his team were set to produce a follow up to Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, confirming that World Warrior will be next, it seems that Capcom were so impressed that they asked Joey to produce a prologue for Street Fighter V. It’s hard to say when Street Fighter V is set in terms of the game’s timeline. According to one source, Street Fighter IV takes place right after Street Fighter 2: World Warrior, and that Street Fighter 3 is the last title. It’s not chronological at all.  So is Street Fighter V set directly after IV?

If this is the case, then the production of Resurrection, the live action mini series must be confusing for the creators. It’s like they have to skip Street Fighter 2, then come back and lower everything back to ‘in an earlier life’. So any special effects like Ryu’s developed Hadouken will have to look less impressive on purpose.

I feel I’m going off topic, but I’m enjoying it as I do so. Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist was fantastic and well worth watching as a Street Fighter fan or a martial arts fan. Seeing Ryu, Ken and Akuma in the flesh is breathtaking, especially with the special effects. Street Fighter: Resurrection will include even more characters, including Charlie and hopefully Bison. Nothing  much has been announced yet.

It will definitely feature Ryu and Ken however, with screenshots already being showcased on the Facebook page for the Assassin’s Fist series. Here, we see Ryu with his red headband, and Ken in his Street Fighter V gear, which breaks away from his traditional red gi which he his known for.

ken street fighter resurrectionIn Street Fighter lore, Guile’s friend Charlie who he served in the army with went missing. It is understood that Bison had something to do with it, and throughout the Street Fighter universe, Guile has been looking for him everywhere he goes. In Street Fighter V and in Resurrection, Charlie makes a return with a few implants and upgrades.

The mini series is to be released in March of this year, following the release of Street Fighter V in February.

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