Check out more of Battalion 1944 in a new gameplay reveal

battalion 1944Back in February of 2016,a  game called Battalion 1944 hit Kickstarter, and in three days, achieved its goal of reaching £100,000. In the meantime, Square Enix have signed up as the game’s publisher, and with a strong emphasis on World War 2 multiplayer, this game has the potential to shine similarly to when a sniper is aiming down the cope at you.

Westie, best known for his Battlefield videos had the opportunity to check out Battalion 1944 at an event hosted by Bulkhead Interactive. What you are about to see is pre-alpha gameplay, so the game is still some way off.

Battalion 1944 is a squad based on-foot first person shooter. There will be no vehicles to take advantage of either; it’s all about the infantry. In the video, Westie is playing Team Death Match, but there will be other modes available in the final product.

My impression from this footage is that it all looks very Call of Duty 2, and not just because of the setting. The gameplay does indeed look ‘fluid and slick’ as Westie puts it, but seeing his character jump out of a second storey window, onto a wooden fence and trying to climb crates all in a matter of a couple of seconds, it seems like it’ll be another CoD clone. The developer is trying to bring the action back to old-skool shooter gameplay, but we’ll keep an eye on this one for sure.

With Call of Duty also suggested to be going back to World War 2 this year, it’s the revival of the old school setup all over again. If you want to learn more about Battalion 1944, click here.

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