Chatpad coming to Xbox One in November

chatpadDuring the Xbox Gamescom conference, we saw the return of the Xbox Chatpad. Released for the Xbox 360 in 2007, the chatpad allowed gamers to attach a mini QWERTY keyboard to their Xbox 360 controllers, and make messaging and internet browsing more simplified. Today, we learned of its return for Xbox One.

Becoming available in November, the chatpad will again come with a full QWERTY keyboard, and will work with all available Xbox One controllers. Simply attach the device to the microphone port of your controller, and begin typing messages, searching for videos on Netflix and Youtube, or browse the internet with Internet Explorer. The Chatpad will also work with PC, although with a full keyboard in front of you, this might not be so necessary.

The controller also features additional shortcut buttons to snap apps at the press of a button, and make taking screenshots and recorded gameplay footage much easier. There is currently no price for the Chatpad, but it will be in stores this November.

xbox one chatpad

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