Celebrate the Festival of the Lost in Destiny with masks

Festival of the Lost Destiny“The Festival of the Lost honours and celebrates the spirits of the dead, Guardian and citizens alike. We commemorate their sacrifices and treasure their memories. We laugh in the face of Death.”

“Have some candy, Guardian. Death has passed us by this night.” – Eva Levante

Destiny players can enjoy some Halloween themed anarchy this week until the 9th of November, with masks and candy to collect. There are also new dances for sale, including a rather famous Thrilling routine…

Festival of the Lost DestinyCollect all 16 masks by completing quests for Eva Levante. Wear masks while defeating enemies or completing challenges to earn more rewards! Rare masks will last through the festival, while Legendary ones are permanent. Dismantle masks you don’t want to keep and trade in the scraps to Levante for a random Rare mask. Dismantle Legendary masks for Paper Glue drops that will upgrade a Rare mask to Legendary or open Treasures of the Lost bags (available at Eververse) for a chance to get Paper Glue.

Festival of the Lost DestinyFill your goodie bag with festival candy that can be consumed for temporary buffs. The candy will spoil at the end of the Festival, so enjoy the treats before they go stale.

Last but not least, Tess Everis has added new Legendary dances to Eververse. These include ‘Monster dance’, ‘Zombie dance’ and ‘Boo’. Yes, one of them is the Thriller routine.
Shake it like a supernatural! Holiday emotes will only be available for sale for a limited time, but once purchased will always be available for your Guardians.

[Source: Bungie.net]

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