Cave bringing SHMUP game Deathsmiles to Steam in “Spring 2016”

DeathsmilesJapanese developer Cave, along with the company Degica, have announced that they’re going to release their Horizontal Shoot-em-up game Deathsmiles on the Steam store during “Spring 2016”. This would be the second Cave game to be released on Steam (The first one being Mushihimesama a few months ago).

A short trailer is available after the break, along with the Announcement even (That’s mostly in Japanese).

Deathsmiles was originally released for Arcades in Japan during late 2007, with ports for the Xbox 360, iOS and Android coming during the following years. a sequel titled Deathsmiles II was released for Japan in 2009. The PC version will be published by Degica.

[Official website]

So what do you think 4-One community? Excited for a new SHMUP to be coming to Steam? Did you enjoy Mushihimesama? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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