Catherine, Bully and more join backwards compatibility list

Xbox 360 Backwards CompatibilityWow! What a week for backwards compatibility on Xbox One. Not only did we get the Bioshock collection, as well as Shadowrun, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, but now there’s a further six titles that have joined the list last night!

First up, is one of Rockstar Games’ favourites, Bully: Scholarship Edition. Taking the fun and antics of open-world GTA and putting it in the classrooms and grounds of a private school. Then we have Catherine, a mature adult tale of a man dealing with the mental strain of cheating on his partner. Great story, but very difficult puzzles!

Then there’s Raskulls, an action platform game that sees players navigate levels filled with bricks of all shapes and sizes as quickly as possible. The Raskulls possess block-breaking wands, and the key to gaining an advantage is by using the character’s wand against the blocks to create the most efficient path through the level.

Next up, we have games like Skydive, Planets Under Attack and Clannad, three games I have never heard of before, but they’re available to download now, or install from your 360 disk if you happened to own them. Following these 6 new titles, the backwards compatibility team will be taking a break for the holidays, and will resume working on other requested titles in the new year.

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