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Top 5 worst tasting game cartridges

switch cartridgesWhat will go down in 2017’s history books is not just about politics and/or potential celebrity deaths, but the taste of game cartridges. Yes, this week, it was reported that Nintendo Switch cartridges have a disgusting taste to them, to prevent kids from eating them. What has the world come to? I decided to take it upon myself to investigate the worst tasting cartridges on the market*. Continue reading Top 5 worst tasting game cartridges

We’ve already had enough of this Trash Dove

thrash doveSince the beginning of the current week, I have noticed a new trend, or should I say gif everywhere on social media. Usually I can laugh off a funny or trending graphic, but this one just fails to entertain me, and no matter where I look, the comments section of Facebook for example are just littered with the same gif, and it’s ruining my experience! Where did it come from?! Continue reading We’ve already had enough of this Trash Dove

A rant about the state of digital stores

For years now Steam has been top dog when it comes to gaming platforms and in particular its store had praise heaped upon it. Self proclaimed citizens of the “master race” would look down upon mere console mortals and boast about the superiority of the service and its store front. Console digital stores meanwhile varied from being over priced to unforgiving when a refund was requested and we could only look over at Steam with adorning eyes. Times however have changed on both sides of the divide and it’s definitely not a positive change. Digital stores are a mess and the industry leaders need to up their game and sort them out. Continue reading A rant about the state of digital stores

Things every Elite Dangerous player should do

Elite DangerousWhilst I prepare the next part of our Elite Dangerous guide I thought it would be fun to list some of the things every Commander should do at some point. Whether it’s exploring the far reaches of our galaxy or simply forgetting to deselect a spaceport resulting you chasing your tail for a good amount of time whilst you look for your next jump vector, we have you covered. Continue reading Things every Elite Dangerous player should do

Could Xbox Scorpio be a game changer for Microsoft?

Project ScorpioI’ve made no secret over the last few months with my dissatisfaction of the games console industry, specifically on the hardware side as well as some rather uninspired game releases. The PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio added to my frustration initially but one of the developers of Ori and the Blind Forest gave some hints at what Microsoft might be about to do and that makes me very excited, perhaps I got it wrong when I looked upon Scorpio as a wasted opportunity?

Continue reading Could Xbox Scorpio be a game changer for Microsoft?

Face Scanning should feature in more games

face scanningFor whatever reason this morning, face scanning popped into my head, and it brought back a good few memories of playing through Fight Night 4 and Champion, as well as the classic Rainbow Six Vegas titles. Some games still allow you to do it, particularly sports titles, but should the feature be more prominent? Continue reading Face Scanning should feature in more games

Beginner’s Guide to GTA Online

gta onlineI have contemplated writing a GTA Online guide for some time, but considering it released in 2013 initially, it felt like I may be too late. However, looking at how well the game still sells to this day, and the amount of content Rockstar Games add to the game regularly, I feel now is as good a time as any. It can be tough, confusing and overwhelming, but follow this hand-crafted guide and you will soon be strutting your stuff in Los Santos with swagger and confidence! Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to GTA Online

4-One looks at the biggest Space games available

spaceThe hype that surrounded No Man’s Sky last year and the more recent alien arrival in Elite Dangerous proved that more than ever we are fascinated by all things space.  There’s a whole host of games offering a variety of gameplay for those who like to look up to the stars. I thought I’d share with you my favourite space games and give you a brief look at what you can expect from them if you decided to play them. Continue reading 4-One looks at the biggest Space games available

What to expect from Red Dead Online…again

red dead onlineThis year, or perhaps delayed into 2018, Rockstar Games will release Red Dead Redemption 2. We have already been graced by a teaser trailer on the same day we got our first glimpse of the Nintendo Switch. You can guess which one garnered more attention. However, as statistics show, Rockstar’s last release, Grand Theft Auto V became more popular due to its GTA Online counterpart, so it would be silly to think otherwise about a wild west version to come too. Continue reading What to expect from Red Dead Online…again

Toxicity in Gaming

toxic gamersToxicity in the gaming community. It’s a huge problem. I have been wanting to write a piece on this subject for a long time as it’s been something that has bothered me for the better part of the last few years. You cannot write a piece like this without stepping on a few toes and kicking a few shins so I should apologize preemptively for the people that this will undoubtedly offend. Rather than seeing this as me calling people out, look at this as a wakeup call to become more helpful with other gamers in the online gaming setting and understand that we are all here to enjoy and partake of our favorite hobby together. Continue reading Toxicity in Gaming