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Spotlight – Condemning upcoming games

Evolve Behemoth spotlightThis week’s Community Spotlight points at Gabriel Jose Salcido, who sent us a private message this week, asking us a few questions on gaming. We enjoy your PMs, so keep them coming, if you don’t want to post them on our wall publicly. One of his questions was about how announced games get the ‘pitchfork threatment’ before they’re even released. Why is that?

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Community Spotlight – Darth Ripper on Youtube

darth ripperThis week, we focus our attention on one of our community members by the name of Chris Thesithlord Reed, who has his very own Youtube channel which he asked us to share on his behalf. You can check him out here, and looking at his welcome video, before checking out his content, he’s certainly an entertaining Youtuber worth your time!

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Spotlight – Multiplayer is ruining our best games

destiny crucibleThis week, community member Sean left a link on our Facebook wall, not saying much about it, instead letting the article do the talking. He did say that it’s a complaint he has had for years, about how multiplayer gaming is ruining the Triple A story game.

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Spotlight – Parents gaming with their children

minecraft with childrenLast week, we discussed a situation where a school in the UK was going to inform police of parents who allow their children to play violent, adult themed games. This week, we’re sharing a story which one of our fans, Rob Pearce, shared with us on Monday about raising kids as a gamer himself.

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Spotlight – 4-One is making a “huge difference”

4-one logoEvery week, we like to pick out a message or comment from a fan and share it with the community if we think it it can lead to a good talking point. This week, it’s a little different. It has been a big week for 4-One, with us launching our very own website, and it’s our intention to stick around for the long haul and make an even bigger name for ourselves. Yesterday, a fan by the name of Zach left a very warming message on our wall, which made me blush.

Spotlight – The Golden Age of Gaming

gta v bicycleThis week’s Spotlight comes from Ramon, who generally sends us some great pieces, and probably features the most regularly, but when you give his writing two minutes of your time, you’ll see why we love his posts. This one hits the heart strings, and relates to driving around in ‪#‎GTA‬ 5, and how‪#‎RockstarGames‬ truly create amazingly detailed game worlds. Continue reading Spotlight – The Golden Age of Gaming