Cards Against Humanity Make Over $70,000 Selling Nothing

cards-against-humanityPeople spend money on a lot of things during Black Friday, but it appears people have no problem spending that money on absolutely nothing too.

Fans of the hugely successful and wonderfully offensive card game, Cards Against Humanity, paid $5 to the company in full knowing that they would be getting nothing in return. One “enthusiastic” person even gave the company $100!

The company announced that 11,248 people gave them $5 with another 1,199 people giving more than that. In total, the company received $71,145 which was split among the staff which they were more than happy to spend on a huge range of items.

This is nothing new for Cards Against Humanity having last year sold literal shit in a box. Like seriously… they sold you a pile of shit which people happily bought.

Some may ask, “why not give it to charity?” but the company is well known for its charitable donations, having raised almost $4 million for organisations like Worldbuilders, the Sunlight Foundation and more, so I think we can let them off this time around. Even with that however, most of the staff did give a large sum of the money to various charitable organisations of their own choosing

Members of staff listed what they bought with their bonuses, so those that gave them money now know exactly where it went. You can check them all out here.

Hopefully one day I can make that kind of money selling something, not to mind nothing. However, I have recently become a member with 100minds and over the course of the next few months I’ll be doing my utmost to raise €1,000 for children’s charities in Ireland. If anyone is interested in throwing some coin my way for a great cause, it would be much appreciated. You can donate here! (Have to start raising money somewhere, right?)

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