Captain America and Morrigan appear in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

marvel vs capcom cap amLast week, Capcom revealed Marvel vs Capcom Infinite to the world, announcing that it will be coming next year. We also got to see it in action, with Street Fighter’s Ryu teaming up with Mega Man to take on Iron Man and Captain Marvel. Now we have two more notable faces joining the roster.

In an extended clip of what we’ve seen already, Dark Stalkers’ Morrigan teams up with Captain America, making that two Avengers confirmed for the game. We know that this new version of Marvel vs Capcom will feature mostly Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, so less Wolverine and Magneto and more Spider Man and hopefully Deadpool.

I’m personally just relieved to know that the game will release on Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4, unlike Street Fighter V which I still have a grudge about. I’ll never let it go, I’m sorry.

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