Captain America: Civil War trailer premieres

Captain America Civil WarMarvel Studios revealed the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War via Jimmy Kimmel last night. While Civil War resembles one of Marvel’s most established stories in the Marvel Universe, the movie’s take is somewhat different.

Of course, Civil War in the comics featured a much larger cast, including the likes of the X-Men, but with Fox owning the license for them, unfortunately we’ll have to make do without them, and other heroes. The temperature is rising between Captain America and Iron Man, and it looks like there will be a pretty downbeat end to it all. The trailer features a lot of Cap’, a lot of Bucky, and a bit of Iron Man.

Taking place following the events of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Avengers must be held accountable for the destruction caused, and while one side of the Avengers agrees, one side does not, and a division is made. United they stand, divided they fall.

Some thoughts from Paul, our resident comic nerd: Wow is this a stray from the comics. The central focus of the movie appears to revolve around Bucky Barnes who looks to be back to normal. Also, in the Civil War comics there was a referendum/super hero initiative that was raised after a villain named Nitro used his explosive abilities to destroy several city blocks, particularly an elementary school. There are at least 600 civilian casualties and 60 of those are children. This is what sparks the Superhuman Registration Act for all heroes to willingly supply the government with their secret identities, something that Iron Man supports and that Captain America is against.

With Bucky as the focus, this gives a clearer motive for Captain to be against the government as they hunt Bucky and any accomplices. It also looks like Bucky is out of his funk that he was in during the events of the Winter Soldier or at least he’s coming to his senses. I somewhat doubt we will see Nitro and the elementary school incident. For some reason I have a hunch the Superhuman Registration Act will be put forth on the grounds of the mass destruction caused by The Hulk and Hulkbuster (Iron Man) in the events of Age of Ultron. The brawl between the two brawns caused a mammoth amount of damage, giving the government a good reason to keep tabs on any heroes.

Captain America is a personable guy, Tony Stark is a narcissistic with an alternative agenda. During the events of Age of Ultron we also witnessed Cap and Iron Man get in a scuffle over the creation of The Vision, who will also play a prominent role in Civil War. More so than everything, I wonder why Iron Man deserves such a beat down at the end of this trailer? In the comics he recruits Spider-man only to lose Spidey because he was monitoring Spider-man’s suit and ways to overcome it. Perhaps Iron Man takes the Batman route and tries to come up with a plan to overthrow any hero that may think opposite of him? By the end of Civil War Iron Man pisses off a lot of people and collectively gets the pulp beaten out of him via Cap.

You can also catch a glimpse or two of Black Panther, and a split second of Hawkeye, in the exact scene you’re seeing on the thumbnail below. Falcon features somewhat in the trailer too, but the lingering question still remains, where’s Spiderman? Will he make an appearance in the movie, now that Marvel have access to him again? Will it just be a few seconds of a cameo? Will the movie be a disappointment?

Captain America: Civil War will hit the big screen on the 5th of June, 2016.

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