Canceled Halo Megabloks title revealed

halo megabloksIt came to light this weekend that Microsoft were working on a new Halo spin-off title in co-operation with Megabloks. Unfortunately, the game was canceled, but not without some footage of the title in action being dug up.

The video was posted by  Andrew Borman of Preserving Gaming History via his Youtube channel, and it looked like a fun game. It was in development in 2013 due for release on the Xbox 360, but didn’t live to see the light of day. Microsoft and Megabloks already have a deal in place for Halo figures and toys, so a game wasn’t far from out of the question.

The reason for its cancellation is unknown, but I would like to imagine that while Microsoft work closely with Megabloks on Halo merchandise, I can imagine that Microsoft and 343 industries are dreaming of teaming up with the likes of LEGO, as that fan base is extremely big, and would be an awesome way to get Halo out to new, and younger fans.

The Megabloks Halo title would include third-person gameplay, vehicle customization, co-op for two players, a sense of humour and fun gameplay. There was also going to be a Horde-style mode called ‘Besieged’. It’s a shame really that this didn’t get the green light in the end, as the vertical slice demo above looks promising.

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