Now you can import Steam games into your GOG account with GOG Connect.

GOG, the online platform that specializes in offering DRM-Free games, has just added a brand new feature: GOG Connect. Connect allows you to import certain Steam games into your GOG library by connecting the two accounts, you will get a DRM-Free copy of the game on your GOG library and you still keep the Steam version! However, this only applies if the game is available on the GOG catalog and the developer has agreed to take part.

Right now the list of games you can import using Connect is small and subject to change as titles are added or removed. The currently eligible Connect games are:

  • Bit. Trip Runner
  • Braid
  • Breach & Clear
  • Breach & Clear: Deadline
  • Broken Sword: Director’s Cut
  • FTL: Advanced Edition
  • Galactic Civilizations III
  • Mount & Blade
  • Project Zomboid [In Dev]
  • Saints Row 2
  • Shadowrun Returns
  • Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring
  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut
  • The Witcher: Enchanced Edition
  • The Witness
  • To the Moon
  • Trine: Enchanced Edition
  • Two Worlds
  • Unreal Gold
  • Unreal Tournament GOTY
  • Xenonauts

For more details about how Connect works, you can read the FAQ here.

What do you think 4-One community? Do you plan to import any of those games into your GOG library so that you can play them without logging in to Steam first? Is your favorite game not on the list yet? Share your thoughts on the comment section.

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