Campaigns in shooters can take up 75% of the game’s budget

cliff blezsinski campaignsCliff Blezsinski of Epic, Gears of War and upcoming Lawbreakers fame spoke to PC Gamer recently in an interview, talking about his new PC only arena shooter title. Talking about his title, he said that it won’t feature a campaign mode, and that campaigns can cost quite a lot of money to incorporate.

In the interview he said “Campaigns cost the most money; it’s usually 75 percent of the budget. You burn through the campaign in a weekend and then you guys go to the multiplayer.” That is rather true, with players breezing through the story mode to unlock the Trophies or Achievements, learning the game’s mechanics, and then jumping into multiplayer for a full year before the franchise’s next release.

Right away you’re probably thinking about Call of Duty, or even the Battlefield titles, but in hindsight, Battlefield was built for multiplayer from the ground up, and only in the Bad Company series, did it start focusing more on the characters and narrative. Battlefield 3 and 4 also contained campaign modes, as well as Battlefield Hardline.

In the mindset of gamers, a campaign and multiplayer mode provides a more reasonable amount of content to justify the cost of a game. Playing £50, $60, €70 for a new title which only features multiplayer gameplay is hard to swallow, unless you’re a massive fan of the series or setting. Games like Titanfall, Star Wars Battlefront and even Rainbow Six Siege are all focused on multiplayer competitive gaming, but don’t include single player or co-op campaign stories to follow, yet cost the same as a game featuring a bit of both.

You can watch the full interview on PC Gamer here, and let us know how you feel. Do you think all games must feature campaigns and multiplayer, or is there room for games focusing solely on one?

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