Call of Duty WWII multiplayer trailer isn’t really multiplayer, is it?

call of duty wwiiAt the PlayStation media showcase last night, we got a look at the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty WWII. It’s awfully cinematic in places, unlike the multiplayer you encounter when playing the game, but you get the idea of what you can expect, which Killstreaks, classic weaponry and call outs.

“Armed with an arsenal of iconic Allied and Axis weaponry, players are immersed in brutal gameplay as they fight to liberate a continent in the throes of tyranny.

The new Divisions feature redefines how players invest in their MP career, giving them the chance to choose from five divisions, each with their own specialized training and weapons skills. In War Mode, an entirely fresh Call of Duty experience, players must work as a team and fight for control through multiple strategic objectives.”

Objective based battles will make their way into Call of Duty WWII this year, and I don’t just mean ‘HQ’ or ‘Seek & Destroy’. Perhaps it will take a leaf out of the likes of Overwatch and Paladin’s book by including payload-like missions, escorts and what not. A bit of variety to shake up the gameplay, and of course include all the traditional modes we’ve grown accustomed to in the series.

Call of Duty WWII launches on all platforms, except the Nintendo Switch on November 3rd.

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